Client Reviews

Christy F

"After 2 years of trying aggressively to improve my score, it barely moved at all. Three months with Rock the Score and it has moved me from 'fair' to 'good'... 'Excellent' here I come!

De Lynn K

REALTOR®, St. Louis
"The amazing Rock the Score made it possible for my 1st time home buyers to buy their DREAM HOME! Using rent toward building the credit score, made all the difference in the world.

They took care of my clients and gained a professional partner in the Real Estate business!! Don't Pause...Call them NOW! No one else can do this service for your clients!!

Thank You! I'm a Big Fan!!

Jennifer K

Synergy Credit Services
"Being an owner of a credit repair company I can confidently say that Rock the Score is a great score booster and credit builder. They are very customer service oriented and I feel confident referring my clients to them. I have seen many loans close due to the boost in score and seasoned credit history their service provides. I highly recommend this company!

Phil G

St. Louis, MO
"I got an additional 39 points increase on my credit score within 2 to 3 months using this program. I definitely recommended it.

Angie S

St. Louis, MO
"I'm so grateful for having come across Rock The Score! In just a matter of months, my credit increased by over 100 points, allowing me to qualify to buy a home! Can't thank Rock the Score enough for helping me to improve my credit and therefore, giving me the opportunity for a new beginning!

John Boll

The Credit Care Company
"Rock The Score is a program I have been waiting for!! As the owner of The Credit Care Company, St. Louis's oldest and best reviewed credit repair company, Rock the Score can help my clients raise their credit scores 30 to 50 points on Equifax & TransUnion in as little as 7 to 10 days!!!!

Jeremy B

South Weber, UT
"I sent a co-worker your way, thanks for what you do!

Myra P

St Louis, MO
"I just increased my score by 74 points in just 25 days! Now I’m a homeowner! Thanks Rock The Score!

Jevon C

St Louis, MO
"This is an Awesome program that has help Me take my score from 594 to 700 plus in under a year. I love and Highly recommend this program to anybody that is trying to improve their score!!!

Angela H

St. Louis, MO
"Rock the Score and the rent reporting program has dramatically helped our credit scores In a very short period of time! My husbands scores have increased 32 points in just 12 days!

Rock The Score has been wonderful in achieving our new home dreams.

Leslie T

St Louis, MO
"With the help of Rock the Score, I was able to increase my credit score over 30 points. After a year of hard work to pay off old bills and student loans, I needed the extra push from rent reporting to get me up to where I needed to be. Great service for those of us that rent.

Todd O

St Louis, MO
"GREAT personal service. This service has helped not only my credit scores, but how my credit reports look. Personal, US service that speaks / writes clearly!!

Alex H

St Louis, MO
"Rock the Score helped us tremendously with our first home. After years of renting, we were finally able to use that towards our credit and actually saved close to $800 at closing.

Jay C

St Louis, MO
"My name is Jay, your service has helped me tremendously in boosting my credit score. I am wanting to cancel my services because I will no longer be renting due in part to this service. I will be sure to refer this program to anyone that is renting.

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