Reduce Risk

By Vetting Your

Potential Tenants

Rock the Score offers renters a chance to build their credit profile by reporting their rent payment history to TransUnion®. We also offer Landlord or Property Manager’s the ability to verify rent history for new rental applications.

Why Landlords Should Work With Us

Audit New Applicants

Most agree a Credit Score doesn't always define the quality of a tenant. Paying rent on time, does. We offer previous 24 month payment history for new applicants.

Attract More Tenants

Working with our platform adds value, attracting more & better quality tenants looking to improve their financial situation.

Zero Cost

Assisting your tenant's rent reporting is completely free for Landlords & Property Owners to participate. For info on our Landlord Screening Program please contact us.

On-Time Payments

Encourages on-time monthly rental payments by holding tenants accountable for late or delinquent rental payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my role of the landlord in the verification process?

The rental history & lease agreement needs to be independently verified by the landlord or property manager in order for it to be reported to the credit bureaus.

How does this help me?

Rock the Score adds value to renters and creates motivated tenants. Knowing that paying their rent on time will have a positive impact on their credit report reduces the likelihood of tenants paying their rent late. It also entices financially-minded prospects to rent with you.

How do you verify my tenant’s rent?

Verifying rent is a simple two step process that takes place in a short 5 minute call. First, we need to confirm that you are indeed the landlord or property manager- a simple, but critical step. Second, we ask you to verify the amount of rent paid, the date it was paid, and whether it was paid on time.

Could this help my other tenants?

Absolutely. We offer motivation for timely payments, and for renewing their lease with you creating long-term relationships. We are happy to assist in helping your other tenants sign up. Please refer them to our website