How It Works

1. Become A Member

Enroll now & begin rocking your credit score. It takes just a few minutes & you’re on your way to a better credit profile & score.

2. We Verify Your Rent

Once enrolled, we verify your lease & payment history by contacting your landlord / property manager. See our Rock Solid Guarantee.

3. We Report To Selected Bureaus

Each month, we verify & report your rent payments for the term of the lease. It’s extremely easy, you won’t have to lift a finger!

4. Your Credit Begins to Rise!

Each timely rent payment improves your credit score. We also report up to 24 months of rent history, creating an immediate impact.

Our Rock Solid Promise

01. Cancel Anytime

Whether you’re no longer renting, or simply done reporting it, canceling is easy. No long-term contracts, or cancellation charges. End your membership at anytime.

02. Full Refund

Having trouble getting your Landlord to verify your information? Not a problem, you’ll get a full refund if your Landlord / Property Manager is unwilling to participate.

03. Superior Service

We’re committed to changing lives & improving our member’s financial situations. Rock the Score offers real human support. Call, chat, or email anytime during business hours.



You already pay your rent each month, now benefit from it! Build positive credit history every month you pay your rent on time.

Report Past Payments

We offer reporting up to 24 months historical rent upon enrollment. This usually results in a massive boost for your credit score.

Universal Acceptance

Our reporting system works with almost all rental situations across the entire US. We just need to verify your landlord or property manager, as well as the terms of your rental agreement. That's it, Rock On!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will My Credit Score Increase?

We cannot guaranty a specific score improvement or a specific time frame because everyone’s credit situation is unique. However we can verify your last 2 years of rent payments. That payment history once calculated into your credit score can help you build credit history and improve your credit score.

How Will My Rent Payments Be Verified?

You provide us with basic information on your landlord or property manager. We contact them and verify your rent payments to build the credit you deserve from your timely rent payments. There is no fee to your landlord or property manager to verify your rent.

What If My Landlord Won't Verify the Payments?

Our Rock Solid Promise is a 100% refund policy, guaranteeing that if we are unable to verify your rent with your landlord or property manager you won’t pay a penny! Our business relies upon happy customers and long-term relationships.

Will This Affect How I Pay My Rent?

No. You will continue to pay your rent in exactly the same way that you currently do.

What If I have a Spouse or Roommate?

You’re spouse or your roommate can also enroll and gain the same benefits of rental reporting. Plus you score a free $15 gift card for each new client you refer to Rock the Score!

Will I need to provide a Lease or Rental Agreement?

Although it is not necessary to have a lease agreement between you and your landlord for our program, it does sometimes help speed up the process.   If you have a copy of your lease, you can upload that when you enroll in the program.  Remember, we do need your landlords cooperation to verify rental payments, and you can help with this.  Contact them as soon as you apply for rent reporting and encourage them to response to our requests as soon as possible.  That way the reporting will not be delayed.

What Happens if I Pay My Rent Payment Late?

All credit including rent payments are only considered late on your credit report if the payment is received more than 30 days past the due date. So as long as you pay your rent within 30 days of your due date, it will be counted as an on time payment on your credit report. Pay all your bills including rent on time, it’s very important.

Is Rock the Score A Credit Repair Company?

No we are not a credit repair service. We can refer you to a company for assistance. Simply email us for additional information.

How will my Rent Payments report on my credit report, what should I look for?

We will report your rent payments (& historical payments, if you opt for that program) on your credit report and it will show as “RTSMGMT”

Can I Just Report Historical Rent History?

Yes you can, however we would not recommend doing that.

If we just report the past 24-months of historical rent payments and do not verify any on-going rent payments it would show on your credit report as a “closed account” and closed accounts do not impact the credit scoring model as effectively as “open accounts.”

We recommend you enrolling and reporting both your historical data along with ongoing rent payments, that way the account is “open” and you will get the biggest boost possible on your credit score. Remember you can cancel at any-time once you do not need the program any longer.

Will my Rental Payments be Reported to all Three Bureaus?

No.  Experian does not participate currently with Rent Reporting.  The good news is that TransUnion will report in almost any Landlord/Tenant relationship.  Equifax also reports, but only if your landlord is a property management company.

100% Refund

Our Rock Solid Promise

We make this a very painless process that most Landlords and Property Managers are happy to participate. However if they are not supportive, then you don’t pay a penny. Our Rock Solid Promise is one click away.